Gardner Winter Music Festival

Gardner Winter Music Festival (GWMF)

Performances are held in the Auditorium

Acoustic instruments only

Recordings are made of on-stage performances. If you play on-stage and would like a recording of your performance or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (on the right) or ask at the sound table during the event.

Possibly subject to change.


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February 24, 2023

7:00 PM Annabel Dacks and Friends
7:20 PM I mean.. I'm like.. ya' know?
7:30 - 9:00PM Swing Dance in the Cafeteria
7:40 PM Jubilee Jam Band
8:00 PM Duncan Lorimer
8:20 PM Ungerdogs
8:40 PM The Mothman Stole My Catalytic Converter
9:00 PM Vince Farsetta
9:20 PM Donna Weems and Friends
7:30 - 9:00 PM Swing Dance in the Cafeteria
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February 25, 2023
10:20 AM DAA Strummers
10:40 AM Robin Hood and the Merry Men
11:00 AM Robert Lackey
11:20 AM Back Porch Pickers
11:40 AM Looman's Legacy / Mountain William Strings
12:00 PM West Fork Rounders
12:20 PM WVU Bluegrass Band
12:40 PM Travis Stimeling
1:00 PM Emerald Hills
1:20 PM Lackawanna Longnecks
1:40 PM Snappin' Bug
2:00 PM Senior Moment
2:20 PM Kennedy Barn String Band
2:40 PM Possum Holler String Band
3:00 PM Springtime Hill Bluegrass
3:20 PM Sound of the Mountains
3:40 PM Flatfooting with Charlie Burton
4:00 PM All Fall Down
4:20 PM Lindsay and Brown
4:40 PM Jeanie Thieken
5:00 PM Mud Larks
5:20 PM Silas Powell Band
5:40 PM Reilly Family Singers
6:00 PM Sara Cottingham
6:20 PM Down the Road
6:40 PM Dave Haas
7:00 PM Dave Haas, cont'd.
7:20 PM Chris Haddox
7:40 PM Chris Haddox, cont'd.
8:00 PM Bill Schilling
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8-10 pm on Saturday: Square Dance (in the cafeteria), Taylor Runner, caller

Thanks to all who perform on stage, teach workshops, and call dances! Performances are voluntary; we appreciate you all!!

Acoustic instruments only

Fox Hunt

The Fox Hunt, performing in 2009