Gardner Winter Music Festival

2020 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE, subject to change

Gardner Winter Music Festival (GWMF)

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Saturday, Feb 25, 2020

No cost (with admission) and no pre-registration!

Please check near the festival entrance for workshop rooms and last-minute changes.


 Unaccompanied Singing Travis Stimeling and Mary Linscheid
 Fiddle, beginner Jeanne Sutton
 Hammered Dulcimer, Intermediate Lynette Swiger
 Spoons Jeff Fedan
 Autoharp for Everyone Rosemary Furman
 If you're a newbie, come and try an Autoharp and make some music. If you already play, come and connect with fellow Autoharp-oholics.

 Flatfoot Dancing Charlie Burton

 Hammered dulcimer, Beginner Jeff Fedan
 Fiddle, Intermediate Paul Kirk
 Old time fiddle bowing and pulse. Paul Kirk will show you how to add groove to your playing as he teaches you a tune.
 Banjo, 3 finger style Tom D'Avello
 Learn to fingerpick a tune common to old-time tradition. This class assumes a knowledge of common chord shapes on frets 1-5 for a banjo tuned to open G.
 Lap Dulcimer, Beginner, DAA Tuning Linda Huffman
 Come with a duncimer tuned to DAA. We will go over dulcimer basics, fret board layout, play two simple tunes, and learn how to include harmonics.
 Tin Whistle, Beginner Judy Werner
 For those with little to no experience. We'll use a whistle in the key of D which can be purchased at the festival for $15.

 Flatfoot Dancing Charlie Burton

 Lap dulcimer, Intermediate, DAD Tuning David Haas
 Play fast and slow songs more smoothly in DAD tuning.
 Clawhammer Banjo, Intermediate Stephen Rapp
 In double-D tuning, we'll work with one or two D tunes to add depth and interest and find positions and chords further up the neck.
 Irish Guitar Accompaniment, Beginner Ryan Kurczak
 This class will explore basic chord and strumming patterns for more traditional jigs and reels. Mandolin players are also welcome.
 Square Dance Calling Ron Buchanan

 Fiddle, Pennsylvania tunes Mark Tamsula
 Slow Jam Jeff Fedan and Judy Werner
 Celebrating Traditional Music through an Online Radio Station Ed McDonald
 This workshop will explore how an online radio station can best support the traditional music that is so important to so many of us. Ed is the founder and manager of Mountain Streams Radio, based in Keyser, West Virginia.

Thanks to all of our workshop leaders. We couldn't do this without you!

fiddle workshop

Fiddle Workshop taught by Chris Haddox a few years ago