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Gardner Winter Music Festival, Morgantown, WV

The Late and the Great GWMF Musicians

Worley Gardner: calling square dances and playing mandolin Mitchell's Tune audio sample with Worley Gardner playing the hammered dulcimer

Dick Wells, guitar

Dick Wells

Terry Schumacher, autoharp   Bill Holmes, fiddler  Tom King, guitar

Craig Sims, fiddler   Craig Sims
Craig Sims

Don Udell playing guitar     Don Udell singing  Red Is The Rose audio sample by Don Udell
Don Udell

Melvin Wine, fiddler Calhoun Swing audio sample by Melvin Wine

Casey Jones audio sample by Wilson Douglas Wilson Douglas, fiddler   Glen Smith, fiddler Three Forks Of Reedy audio sample by Glen Smith
Elmer Rich
Elmer Rich, 1919 to 2015
Joe Dobbs
Joe Dobbs, 1934 to 2015
Barbara Fallon
Barbara Fallon, 1952 to 2014

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