Gardner Winter Music Festival

2018 Gardner Winter Music Festival (GWMF)

(in the Auditorium)         (pdf icon pdf version here)

Possibly subject to change.

Friday February 23, 2018

TIMEPERFORMERS (in the auditorium)
7:00 pmRichard and Rachel Eddy
7:20 pmI mean, I’m like, ya’ know? (Jeff Fedan)
7:40 pmPaul Buege
8:00 pmTom Manuel and Brian Conaway
8:20 pmSounds of the Mountains
8:40 pmNiko and Tristan
9:00 pmMountain Sugar and Richard Eddy
9:20 pmThursday Bluegrass Jam Group
9:40 pmRachel Eddy and Friends
10:00 pm  Percival Pickers (and anyone else)

7:30-9:00 pm on Friday: Swing Dance (in the cafeteria)

Saturday February 24, 2018

TIMEPERFORMERS (in the auditorium)
10:00 amOLLI Orchestra
10:20 amDAA Strummers
10:40 amRobert Lackey
11:00 amLooman’s Legacy
11:20 amBack Porch Pickers
11:40 pmMountain William Strings
12:00 pmHay Fever
12:20 pmMike and Janet
12:40 pmEmerald Hills
1:00 pm Lackawanna Longnecks
1:20 pm Lewis County Senior Squares
1:40 pm Tamsula, Withers and Krysts
2:00 pm Kennedy Barn String Band
2:20 pm Senior Moments
2:40 pm Opossum Holler String Band
3:00 pm Molly Pitcher
3:20 pm Robbins Hood and the Merry Men
3:40 pm Charlie Burton’s Flatfooting Class
4:00 pmRecognition of 40 years of GWMF
4:20 pmHeritage Award Presentation
4:40 pm All Fall Down
5:00 pm Angelica
5:20 pm Springtime Hill Bluegrass Band
5:40 pm Tripple Creek
6:00 pm Down the Road
6:20 pm Logan Town
6:40 pm Annabel Dacks and Richard Eddy
7:00 pm Possum Channel
7:20 pm Clinton String Jazz
7:40 pm Powell Family Band
8:00 pm Tessa and Gabe
8:20 pm Vince Farsetta
8:40 pm Donna Weems
9:00 pm Black Diamond
9:20 pm Coal River Coalition
9:40 pm Bill Schilling
10:00 pm  2/3 Bare Bones and a Spare Rib
10:20 pm  Ray Hicks, Chris Haddox, and Friends

8-10 pm on Saturday: Square Dance (in the cafeteria), Taylor Runner, caller

Thanks to all who perform on stage! Performances are voluntary; we appreciate you all!!

Acoustic instruments only

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