Gardner Winter Music Festival

Worley Gardner's Tunes

Below are excerpts of tunes Worley Gardner loved to play. For instructional purposes, these are played as the basic, unembellished tunes by Jeff Fedan and the late Patty Looman. We encourage musicians to choose one of these tunes to play on stage during the festival.

Old Joe Clark Leather Britches Wildwood Flower
Maggie Home Sweet Home Red Wing
Soldier's Joy Irish Washerwoman John Henry
Silver Bells Cuckoo's Nest Cindy
Middle of the Afternoon
(Bald Headed End of the Broom)
Mitchell's Tune Wreck of the 97

Worley Gardner Albums

Listen to Worley's two albums HERE (very large file) or listen to individual tunes below.

Mountain Melodies - Tunes of the Appalachians, the Singing Dulcimer of Worley Gardner

Old Joe Clark1:49
Wildwood Flower1:33
Soldiers Joy (Worley and Willis Gardner)   1:45
Irish Washerwoman1:28
Silver Bells1:29
Wreck of the 971:31
Leather Britches1:27
Middle of the Afternoon1:32
Red Wing (Worley and Willis Gardner)   1:28
John Henry1:32
Cuckoo's Nest2:00
Home Sweet Home1:29

Mountain Melodies II - Tunes of the Appalachians, the Singing Dulcimer of Worley Gardner

album cover
Bull Pup2:04
Turkey in the Straw2:00
Middle Ridge Waltz (Sloan Staggs)2:28
I Don't Love Nobody2:14
Walking In My Sleep2:57
Old Spinning Wheel2:11
Mitchell's Tune2:54
Golden Slippers2:26
What A Friend We Have in Jesus2:40
Alabama Jubilee2:00
Nellie Gray2:06
Under the Double Eagle2:05