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Gardner Winter Music Festival, Morgantown, WV

GWMF Photos - The 80s

The Cuckoo audio sample by Ron Mullenax Ron Mullenax (banjo)      Monica Andis, singing and playing guitar

Jack Barker (banjo) and Mike Furbee (fiddle)

Ron Mullenax (banjo) and Annie Williams (guitar)

Hangman's Reel audio sample by Stewed Mulligan Stewed Mulligan: John Ostrusko, guitar; Stumper the Thumper, bass; Pat McIntire, autoharp; Joe Wack, banjo; Keith McManus, fiddle

Whiskey Before Breakfast audio sample by Alan Freeman Alan Freeman (lap dulcimer)      John Preston (guitar), Lefty Shaffer (fiddle), Helen Staggs (stand up bass)
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