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Gardner Winter Music Festival, Morgantown, WV

Photos From Miscellaneous WV Events

Over The Waterfall audio sample by the Percival Pickers Some of the best traditional music in Morgantown has been played over the years by the Percival Hall Pickers, a group of musicians who get together weekly to play, learn tunes from each other, and exchange techniques. The Pickers have been major supporters of the GWMF since the beginning.

This audio sample is from a cassette made in 1990 that includes the following musicians: Phil Allender, bouzouki and whistles; Carroll Utt, Connie Banta, Harold Wright and Doug Garlow, guitar; Mark Crabtree, guitar and mandolin; Worley Gardner, mandolin and fiddle; Dave Harbst, mandolin; Mark Jerabek, mandolin; Jesse Joliffe, bass guitar; Patty Looman and Jill McCloy, hammered dulcimer; Craig Sims, fiddle; Larry Spisak, fiddle and mandolin; Nancy Utt, hammered dulcimer and mandolin; Ron Utt, guitar and fiddle.
Percival Pickers -  1989 - sitting on steps of Percival Hall
1989 Photo of Percival Hall Pickers

First row: Phil Allender, bouzouki; Jill McCloy, hammered dulcimer
Second row: Worley Gardner, fiddle; Larry Spisak, fiddle
Third row: Jan Woodward, autoharp; Nancy Utt, mandolin; Barbara Fallon, mandolin;
Fourth row: Craig Sims, fiddle
Fifth row: Don Udell, banjo; Jackie Horvath, fiddle; David McCloy, fiddle; Dave Harbst, mandolin; Jack Barker, mandolin
Sixth row: Connie Banta, guitar;
Seventh row: Mike Furbee, fiddle;
Eighth step: Eric Washburn, banjo
Ninth row: Ron Utt, guitar; Jesse Joliffe, guitar; Tom O'Brien, guitar;
Tenth row: Mark Jerabek, fiddle; Carroll Utt, guitar


    Birdy audio sample by Patty Looman Patty Looman playing dulcimer at PattyFest
Patty Looman
Rachel Eddy and her young students playing at PattyFest
Rachel Eddy and her students

Vandalia Gathering    

Sally Ann Johnson audio sample by Bobby Taylor Bobby Taylor (fiddle)           Cathy Pearson (fiddle)   
         Bobby Taylor                  Cathy Pearson            

David Odell (Banjo) and James Summers (guitar)
David O'Dell and James Summers

   Prickett's Fort

Rock Garton (fiddle) and Jackie Horvath (banjo)        Bonnie Collins showing off a mandolin shaped like West Virginia
Rock Garton and Jackie Horvath                             Bonnie Collins

Miscellaneous Events   

The Woodticks
The Woodticks: Bob Spangler, Jeff Bush, Karen Wade, Keith McManus

Bob Shank (hammered dulcimer), Chris Haddox (guitar), Rachel Eddy (banjo), Gerry Milnes (fiddle)
Bob Shank, Chris Haddox, Rachel Eddy, Gerry Milnes

Vince Farsetta (banjo)     The Woodticks: Jeff Bush (banjo); Keith McManus (fiddle); Karen Wade (guitar)
Vince Farsetta                             The Woodticks

Cheat Mountain audio sample by Curmudgeon Curmudgeon: Bob Shank (banjo); Mike Furbee (banjo); Monica Andis (guitar); Jack Barker (mandolin); Larry Spisak (fiddle)

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